5 Halloween crafts for kids


Working on some craft ideas for me and little June bug to do this fall. And after doing a little research these are my top 5 favorites. I am going to start with the frankenstein foot and see how it goes and then go from there! I have below each one with the site you can find the full DIYs on.



1|Ghost piñatas from Oh happy day



2| Pasta skeletons by Martha Stewart 



3| Toilet paper roll monsters by Our Thrifty Ideas



4| Frankenstein foot from Frogs snails and puppy dog tails


5| Silly Apple Bits by Fork and Beans 

DIY Halloween treat bags












The holiday season is starting! I love holidays (well Christmas specifically) and although Halloween has never been my favorite, dressing up doesn’t do much for me. I do like carving pumpkins and and giving out treats to the cuties all dressed up.  And now that I have a little lady of my own I have the perfect excuse to put together little treat bags for all her daycare friends for pretty much every holiday.  So here are her treat bags for Halloween for all her stinker little buddies!


Creating these is super easy, the only DIY thing about them is really cutting out the ghosts and bats. I just cut them out freehand but you can quickly print ones out from a google search and cut them out and use as a template. Use your black and white pens to draw faces and names. Then tape to the bags with some cut themed washi tape and you have yourself some cute little holiday treat bags!



• Treat bags  • Tissue paper  • Black and white paper  • Black and white pens • Scissors • Washi Tape
• Treats (I used stickers, goldfish and a ball)




Junes fall style



Working on Junes fall wardrobe, God I dread the day she has a preference in what she wears! So, for now I am totally enjoying living all my style through her mini little clothes.

1| Horse sweatshirt: Old Navy outlet, Leggings: Kira kids

2|  Jean vest: Target, Johnny Cash Tee: Rowdy Sprout, Leggings: Old Navy outlet

3| Vest: Old Navy outlet, Dress: Target

4| Sweater, Tee, Skirt and Leggings all Target

Free Wallpaper Download





I have been doing a lot to watercoloring working on some custom birthday invitations and was just playing around some more. Here are a couple patterns I was doodling you can use as a background. Click to download and enjoy as your background!

8 Must give baby gifts


I recently went to a baby shower and I have found myself getting really excited about getting a good gift for the momma to be. I know its always nice to get something important that they registered for, but its also nice to get them something super cute that they didn’t even know they were gonna love.  So I compiled some of my favorite “Must-give” baby gifts.  Perfect gifts for your momma friends. Some practical, some adorable, some practical AND adorable.

1| Heart Baby Blanket by Yarning Made Beautiful hand knit blanket, June sleeps with hers every night. Its great for all types of weather and it feels so personal.  2| Chewbeads babies and putting things in their mouths go hand in hand, these are really great to have around for them to chew on. I would just give it to her in the car seat and she loved to play with it and chew on it. Now she puts it around her dolls necks as a necklace.  3| Theo the Fox by LESNE SO cute, if your gonna have them fall in love with a stuffed animal it might as well be a unique ridiculously adorable one like this!  4| Minky Crinkle Toy by Little Luvins  Babies love the crinkle paper, its a great first toy, and Little luvins has these beautiful patterned ones.  5| Aztec Hamper by Love Joy Create  For all that “stuff” you get along with the baby, great for storage of toys, books or diapers. 6| Wood Alphabet Blocks by Little Sapling Toys  Love these lifelong toys, Beautiful wood blocks that they can learn with while they play.  7| Bamboo Swaddles By Aden + Anais  LOVE the bamboo swaddles, LOVE them June used them for months, from swaddles to blankets they were perfect for hot and cold weather. And the bamboo ones were SO soft, they felt amazing.  8| Boppy Slip Cover by Ivie Baby A cover for her boppy, (because everyone gets a boppy)  that fits her personality perfect. Ivie Baby has so many, and I love them all.

Cherishing our pets


Recently I’ve  had a few good friends have to put down their dogs. Its actually hard for me to just say “dogs” like thats all they are. I know I may be a a bigger animal lover than most but they are so much more than just “dogs’. They are supportive, caring, excited and loving. They are there for us always. Most of them have seen our worst days and been there through our best days, and helped us through them all. Weather its a nighttime cuddle or a “IM SO EXCITED YOUR HOME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!” butt tuck around the house when you walk in the door. They make us better people, and love us for the exact people we are. So when we have to let them go it hurts, it hurts bad. Even when you know its their time and it shouldn’t come as a surprise, it still breaks your heart and leaves you with a huge aching whole.

Growing up in a house full of animals I have definitely had to say my fair share of good-byes, but one I can’t handle thinking about it my Riley. So I pray thats a very far away thing for us. And in the meantime just try and be as great to her as she is to us.

A few years back when I came across Sarah Beths photography site I instantly loved her work because, for starters its all of dogs. But the thing I loved the most was her Joy sessions, I could not only get through the photos without crying but reading the stories KILLED me, but of course I couldn’t stop. It was like Marly and Me over and over again! Her Joy sessions are one of the best things I have ever seen. These special, end-of-life sessions are just for terminally ill or elderly pets. They highlight your relationship together and the love you share before they pass.  You can take a look at the gallery here if you wanna shed a couple tears. And because it became so popular she created a site of her directory of photographers around the world who offer a similar service and you can find that here www.joysession.com 


camppretty-pets2Photos by Sarah Beth 

I know its not always possible to make a Joy session happen. Or even take photos of them before they go. There are other cool ways you can honor them. Getting a custom illustration is a nice thing to do and you can always do it after they pass. (of course you can do them anytime, like I have done a few of Riley already that have turned out GREAT! I think my next purchase will be the Riley pillow for Junes room (#6))

I put together some of my favorite custom pet illustrators and hope they will help someone find a great lasting memory of their “dog”. Below are all the links.









1| Art by Manda 2| 3| Hither Rabbit  4| thready things  5| Studio Legohead  6| Shebbo Design  7| lilidi prima  8| Brittani Rose Paper  9| bbriggs illustration  10| Studio Legohead  11| Kathy Halper Designs  12| Animal Folk  13| Art by Manda  14| Written In Detail

This post is dedicated to Jack, George, and Mister Bojangles

Our current favorite reads

camppretty_currentbookfavorites1 camppretty_currentbookfavorites2

1| Sweet Paul Magazine  2| Anthropologie Magazine camppretty_currentbookfavorites3 camppretty_currentbookfavorites4

1| Little Blue Truck  2| Llama Llama Nightly Night 

Currently these are our favorite reads. My fav’s may be a little more eye candy than actual “reads” But once I get over their beauty I have no doubt the actual words will be great too. The Sweet Paul Magazine is actually a back issue. I had seen it a couple months ago and couldn’t get it out of my mind. So I searched for it and was able to find an old issue. The current one is also beautiful so I’ll be snatching that one up too! The Antro Mag, just like their store, fricken gorgeous. Also I don’t think they are continuing the magazine next year so get them while there hot!

I also love Junes current favorites, Little Blue Truck is adorable and has the perfect amount of words per page to keep her interested. Its the perfect little book to teach her about all the farm animals and respect at the same time. Llama Llama Nightly Night  short and sweet, we always end our book readings on this one, I also have a soft spot for nicely rhymed books, and this is one of them. And June LOVES the bath page, always have to flip back to it and point and mumble a few times. (And she’s currently obsessed with those stickers too, its adorable.)


A way overdue behind the scenes post!


What all went on behind the scenes of the “April showers bring May flowers” Posts.





This is WAY overdue! I am sorry I meant to post a behind the scenes months ago, so yes, I know this is super late but I guess thats just how life is with a stinker little baby running around.  Either way I love seeing “the making of” shots so I thought I would share ours too!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the post Kim Cornelison  and I collaborated on back in May (Posts here). Miss Cathy Brophy was a genius and captured it all for us! Again I am so humbled to get to work wish such talented people, looking back on these just makes me smile.

Clever birth announcements

il_fullxfull.809818093_q5yo il_fullxfull.809818553_3tm4 il_fullxfull.809818665_84r4 il_fullxfull.810041882_9tm9

This are hilarious, props to the cool parents who send these out as birth announcements. I wasn’t so brave I sent out the nice photo sans the illustrations, but man would I be happy to get one of these in the mail.


These are done by Todd Borka and you can find yourself one here!


Flower Dish DIY



















 I LOVE flowers, I seriously try and have fresh flowers in our home as much as I can. So with this DIY I wanted to try and keep the fresh flower feeling stay all year long. I choose to do this DIY in a small ring dish, but definitely don’t let that hold you back, you could easily apply this to something much larger like a serving try or table top! The steps are super simple and relatively quick you just need a little patients with the delicate nature of the small petals.
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Dish
  • Mod Podge  Dimensional Magic
  1. Choose the color combination of flowers you like.
  2. Delicately pick pedals off of flowers.
  3. Before placing in dish arrange them how you would like (It helped to flatten them in a book for a little while before)
  4. Place them in the dish matching your arrangement, if you find they are not staying in place you can put a small amount of glue on the back to help them stick
  5. Once you have them all in where you would like them press down on each petal helping it to flatten to the dish more.
  6. Lightly pour the mod podge in the dish, go delicately around each petal, try and use as little as needed, I found the more I used the more they stared to move around and float to the surface. Don’t worry that it looks milky it dries clear.
  7. Wait until its dry and you are good to go!
And there you go, now you have a beautiful little flower dish you can use to keep anything small organized!

Favorite Shop Friday



This weeks favorite shop is Mahzerandvee, I am IN LOVE with these faux taxidermy animal head wall hangings, in love! God, seriously aren’t these things so cool!? They have multiple different animals in multiple colors in multiple different sizes. They’re a husband and wife team with 4 little stinkers making these super cool wall decor pieces.

You can find more options here www.etsy.com/shop/mahzerandvee

Hand painted invitations





I am excited for this weekend to celebrate a good friends soon to be marriage. I am lucky enough to be apart of it and in-charge of making the invitations. Heidi, the bride-to-be is also a designer so its fun to do something different that I know she will appreciate. We have a very similar ascetic so its easy to do something I know she’ll like.


I watercolored each background a different wash and once they were dry I hand wrote each invitation, it took a little longer than planned because I was surprised to find out that traditional calligraphy ink does NOT agree with cold press watercolor paper. (which I didn’t find out until after I had washed all the pages) So I was a little invested in keeping this idea so I did a little research and actually used watercolor ink with my calligraphy pen. It ended up working great so I was SO happy to find that solution! I know it also looks like very few details, I printed all the gritty details on a separate sheet and washi taped it to the back.


It may have taken a while but I am super happy with how they turned out and Heidi is a really good friend and she deserved it.  Happy bachelorette party friend!

Junes first works of art




So proud of these. I don’t know if its because I am a designer or not but one if the biggest things I look forward to when June grows up is the crayon drawings she’s gonna bring home. I can’t wait to frame them and create beautiful art for our home with them, and see them change through the years. There is something so beautiful about the innocence of their artwork, and I can’t wait to cherish all of them! So if I can do anything to foster this I will, I started her pretty young, for Father’s day I helped June make a couple little pieces of art. I put a bunch of craft paper down so she wouldn’t get it all over the floor (which was successful, but getting it all over my outfit definitely wasn’t) and just put a couple drops down and let her do with it as she pleased. I wouldn’t say it went that well, but from the pictures it sure looks like it did, and the results were worth it. I love them. I framed one for my husband made one into a card for my dad and I am keeping the 3rd in my office. Junes first works of art. Proud mom moment here.

100 Layer Cakelet Feature!


SO excited and flattered to be featured on the 1oo Layer Cakelet this morning! I worked hard to Junes birthday party so it feels so good have people see it and appreciate it as much as I do! I am long time reader of her wonderful blog, started reading 100 layer cake and loved the addition to cakelet! www.100layercakelet.com

Camp Pretty went Camping!










We took June camping for her first time this past weekend. I was so proud of her, she did so well, far exceeded our expectations! We knew it was going to be a lot more work, like life since we had her, so we went into it understanding that. And there is no doubt, it was way more work but thats ok, she’s so dang cute it was worth it. Watching her explore and be the bravest little stinker I have ever seen. She was climbing rocks (big rocks) crawling into the water and completely slept through a big thunderstorm. We also were a little nervous we went a little to big for her first camping trip, 5 hours north, on the Canadian boarder we had to boat in, no running water, bear lockers. But she didn’t mind at all, she was such a trouper and we couldn’t have been prouder of her. We went with my whole family, and a couple more and it was a great time. Here are some pics from our weekend.

Favorite shop friday






This weeks favorite shop is Stonepress Prints. They are amazing. You can seem my beautiful print of June above that I love so much.  They print images on cement slabs that are framed in wood, old wood they find all over MN. And the quality is AMAZING. I have seen ones that were done from instagram photos and still tuned out so clear. I would highly recommend getting yourself one!

You can find more here www.stonepressprints.com

we’re taking June camping



As we prepare to take our little lady camping with us the list is getting longer and longer for this we need to pack! Man babies come with a lot of baggage, literally. And we may be crazy but were totally going all out mega camping with her, the kind you boat in and have no toilet or running water. So I’ll let you know how it goes. I am really not to worried about anything but her napping, since she needs it dark. But we have some ideas on that. So well see!

Here are some must-haves for our packing list, I would love any other suggestions I am forgetting!

1. First aid kit | Of course this is needed, incase anything should happen to our little lady.

2. Sunscreen & Bugspray | Babyganics has great products (that are super cute) that I have been super happy with

3. Pack and play | To keep this little stinker contained at night and during the day it might be nice to set her in there when we need to get things done and not worry about her.

4. Moccasins | Minnetonka mocs are so great and they come in a bunch of colors and they are one of the only shoes that work on her feet.

5. Sippy cup

6. Snack cup

7. Puffs | some easy snacks that are small to pack and she loves to eat

8. Life Jacket | hopefully she doesn’t hate it! well need it for the boat and canoe

9. Swim diaper | Honest has these super cute environmentally friendly swim diapers so we don’t have to pack in a bunch and bring out a bunch of filled ones!

10. Sand toys

11. Lantern | Will be nice to have in the tent when we can’t be holding a flash light

12. Food pouches | We are brining a bunch of these because its way easier than fruit and veggies and we don’t have to worry about a cooler for them.

13. Sleep sack | She doesn’t sleep in these anymore but its suppose to get really cold at night and I think this is a great solution for a baby who won’t stay in a sleeping bag

14. Sunhat

15. Sunglasses

June Bugs 1st Birthday

camppretty_Junesbirthday 0

camppretty_Junesbirthday 2

camppretty_Junesbirthday 3

camppretty_Junesbirthday 4

camppretty_Junesbirthday 5

camppretty_Junesbirthday 6

camppretty_Junesbirthday 7

camppretty_Junesbirthday 8

camppretty_Junesbirthday 9

camppretty_Junesbirthday 10


Here are some photos of Junes party before everyone arrived, sadly we were so busy with guests and taking care of a now 1 year old! that we didn’t have time to take much during the party. But I am pretty happy with how everything turned out and worked together. As pretty as it turned out I am not sure if were the entertaining type, its just always really hard when you are only able to talk to each person for little bits of time, I end up feeling bad I didn’t get to spend time with people and show my appreciation for them being able to come. And on top of that making sure a little baby is happy and taken care of!

And it turns out June is just like her parents! She was pretty overwhelmed so we ended up having to do her cake the next day, which worked out just fine, still got some cute photos of her and she was happy.

And here is your month by months all finished! Looking back at it I am so happy I did it, its crazy to see how much she changed right before our eyes.


camppretty_Junesbirthday 11